“I used Brad Lingham on a couple of home remodeling projects and find him to be the most honest, accurate in quotes, and cleanest contractor I’ve ever worked with.

Brad demo’d my old kitchen and worked with several contractors (electrical, plumbing, cabinetry) to get the job done on time and on budget. I recently hired him for 5 window replacements (we liked the windows he installed in my kitchen so much we’ve decided to use them around the rest of the house) including one large bay window that has become a beautiful centerpiece of our home.

I highly recommend Brad. He is not only a professional carpenter/contractor, he is a true gentleman. A pleasure to do business with.” – John C.

“Everyone warns you that remodeling is a “nightmare,” but for us, it wasn’t. Brad, Charlie and Paul made a major reconstruction project as smooth as possible by being attentive to our comfort and preferences, by listening and communicating each stage of the project, and by easing our financial fears by giving a detailed accounting of the various expenses each week. The cheerful mood created by people who obviously work well together and love what they’re doing was a bonus I didn’t expect. It helps to approach a major event like this with a sense of adventure, but it is most important to have talented, trustworthy people who leave you with a beautiful, quality room that you are delighted to live in. We will call Brad and his team for all future projects, no doubt about it.”-Katie C.

“It is unusual for a contractor to stay within 10% of an estimated budget on an addition as big as ours, but Brad managed to do so. Equally important, the kitchen/family room addition was done on time. Brad and team were very conscientious about our being without a kitchen for the least possible time.” -Dan G., CFO

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Brad to upgrade the front entrance to our home. Our front porch had deteriorated to the point of no return and we worked with Brad to create a front entrance that was both in keeping with the historical flavor of our town and charming.  I had a specific vision of how the entrance should look, and unfortunately, some of the necessary pieces that would typically be ordered and installed were not available to meet the style that I had in mind.  Brad made the pieces himself so that the entrance  would be exactly as I wanted and the whole project came out great.  I receive many, many compliments regarding the end result.  Brad is a delight to work with and I would gladly work with him again on any future renovations that I might plan.” -Pat M.

“Brad cares for our house as if it were his own. ” -Steve C.

Please leave a comment on the page or email your referral to Bradford.</pre


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